Property Dealers

Our property company covers most of UK, especially greater Manchester! We provide 10-50% return on your investment!

Our major clients are trust private individuals, companies, trust funds and associations and overseas investors.

We have a premium search service that showcases the best properties specified within your choice of location. Before adding any property to our search network, we will first assess its condition and then compare it with similar other properties in similar neighborhoods; this way we can gauge each property according to its value in the present market conditions. Our competent team of property experts keep themselves abreast of the different changes happening in the market.

What makes us special as property dealers is that we do not work like the traditional ones. We provide properties that require upgrades, but for less than the market price. Our staff is equally adept at selling both single and multiple units. If you buy a property from us you can expect the returns to be anywhere between 10 and 50% depending on property location and tenant.